Violence Prevention

Most of us are aware of recent acts of violence, including incidents on campuses, in schools, in houses of worship and in public venues.  Experts point out that in virtually all cases of violence, someone (sometimes many people) in hindsight had concerns about the perpetrator, may have known of the planned violence and yet did not report the concerns to authorities before the attack.  

If you know about concerning behaviors or threatening behaviors (including statements) please share the information with us so we can evaluate the concern or threat and take steps to promote community safety.  Simply put, if you see something, say something.  The information you provide will be evaluated by trained professionals, kept private to the extent possible, and appropriate action will be taken to support the individuals involved and to promote safety of the community. 

Our focus in all instances is on helping individuals and in keeping the community safe.  If you are unsure of whether a situation rises to a level that should be reported, it is always better to err on the side of caution and talk to one of our reporting resources about your concerns. 

Places to contact if you know of concerning behaviors or threatening behavior (or statements):

Notre Dame Police Department:  (574) 631-5555 ~ available 24/7/365

     Student Affairs: (574) 631-5500
     On-line Reporting:

Human Resources: (574) 631-5900

    INTEGRITY LINE:  (800) 688-9918
 (for students)

Please note if you are making an anonymous report, please provide as much information as possible so that, where necessary, actions can be taken to address those concerns.  If you wishing to make an anonymous report due to concerns about your safety, please know that University safety officials are committed to working with you to support your safety and best do so in direct collaboration with you.



    University Counseling Center or (574) 631-7336
    Care Consultants:
          Beth Ferlic (574) 631-0084 or
          Annie Eaton (574) 631-9317 or
          Sarah Priebe (574) 631-2491 or
          Stella Miller (574) 631-9256 or
    University Health Services  or (574) 631-7497

Campus Safety  or (574) 631-9007
    Notre Dame Police Department or (574) 631-5555
    Human Resources or (574) 631-5900
    Employee Assistance Program or (888) 267-8126
    Wellness Center or (574) 634-WELL (9355)

    Campus Ministry  or (574) 631-7800